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Can I change my subscription to a different one than the one I signed up for?

Yes, you can change your subscription up or down a level giving you more or less storage. If you change levels in the middle of a subscription cycle, the remaining time on that level will be prorated and the prorated amount will be applied to the new level you are starting.

Can I use aliases with my email address?

Yes, all addresses can use delimiter aliases for free which look like user-alias@domain.com. These can be used for sorting mail or if your email gets shared knowing who shared it. More information about alias usage can be found inside your account portal.

How do I set (sieve) inbox filters when using IMAP or POP3?

There is a control panel in the Webmail portal for setting filters to sort incoming mail. Even if you only use IMAP/POP3 to access your mail, you would still log in to Webmail to set your filters, then go back to using your IMAP/POP3 software.

I forgot my password and now I can't connect to the server, what happened?

When there are too many failed login attempts the IP will be temporarily blocked to protect accounts from brute force password guessing. If this has happened you can contact support to restore access to your account.