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Last updated May 1st, 2022

This privacy policy for OpenInbox LLC ("Company," "we," "us," or "our"), describes how and why we might collect, store, use, and/or process your information when you use openinbox.com (the "Site") and any of our services ("Services"). If you do not agree with our policies and practices, do not use our Services.


Account Information
We collect and store information related to the functionality of your account, primarily the email address you create and an encrypted hash of your account password. We do not store your actual password. We store your payment ID and which subscription plan you most recently used for our Services. We store date and time stamps related to activity on your account. We store the account settings and filters you create or edit on the Site for the purposes of filtering email. We may store communications you have with us, for instance when you communicate with customer service. Other information related to your account that could be stored, if you choose to provide it to us, would include security questions and contact information used to recover your account in the event you need to reset your password. We do not store any of your sensitive payment details.

Services Information
We store information provided by you through the webmail interface for the purpose of enhancing your experience using our Services. Examples include, but are not limited to, email contact list (sending and receiving) including people's names as seen in email To and From headers. Any information you include in an email footer, where it is common for people to include their name, profession, address and/or phone number. Any webmail settings you change or specify in the webmail interface. Any filters you create for the purpose of sorting or replying to incoming emails for your account.

Email Contents
Email message contents and attached files are stored until deleted by you, purged from the trash folder or purged after account termination.

Automatic Collection
Some information is automatically collected related to operation of our Services and is what someone would expect to find in server logs. This information is kept in rolling logs and is not archived. Once the rolling logs are purged the information is no longer stored. Examples of this include IP addresses, server hostnames, some email headers, date and time stamps. You can see saved log information by looking in your account on the Site.


All information collected is stored only on our Company's servers in the USA. We store your information until your account is terminated and the grace period has lapsed at which point all of your information is purged and not archived. You are able to delete, at any time on the Site, your information including email contents from your account except for your account email address, current password, payment ID, account balance and activity timestamps which will be stored until purged after the account termination grace period.


We only use your information in the facilitation of your account to use our Services such as updating your subscription limits, receiving sorting fetching your email messages, implementing account settings / filters and providing customer service. This includes using your information as needed by us in the prevention of fraud, spam or violations of the terms of service.


We do not share your information with any third parties barring the following exceptions. Your account email address and subscription plan ID number is sent to the payment processor for them to start subscription billing. Where required by law with jurisdiction such as court orders.


We only use cookies to store Site UI preferences and Site secure login session ID's. Cookies are not used for tracking or shared with any third parties. Our Cookie Notice and Policy is posted at https://www.openinbox.com/legal/cookies. By using our Site or Services, you acknowledge and agree to our Cookie Notice and Policy, which is incorporated into this Privacy Policy.


We do not knowingly collect data from, or market to, minors. By using our Site or Services you represent that you are not a minor.


This privacy policy may be updated from time to time. An updated version will be indicated by the "Last updated" date shown at the beginning of this notice and will become effective as of the date indicated. You are responsible for checking this notice to be informed of any changes or updates to this privacy policy.

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